Dhamma Talks by Ven. U Maṅgala for Download

Dhamma Leadership Camp @ Dhamma Earth, Semenyih. 160924_1 Dhamma, Leadership, Goal 160924_2 Vision, Positioning 160924_3 Methodology 160925_1 Optimization & Skills 160925_3 Kamma, Invisible Factors 160925_4 Endless Growth 160925_5 Real problems together we solve 160925_6 Present and external Wisdom, Applicable Truths, … Continue reading →

02/09: Ven. U Mangala’s Dhamma Talks + Q&A in Chinese, English and Bi-lingual release

Sorry for a long wait. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma, Ven. U Mangala ‘s Dhamma talks in Chinese, English and Bi-lingual are newly release for public download, may all be free and delight to download: 120826 以智慧做布施与其他佛法问答 (Chinese: … Continue reading →