** If you also want to download Chinese dhamma talks, you should use another software Thunder (迅雷) which is able to display Chinese filename correctly. Else you can use any download accelerator / download manager software not just Flashget.


1. Reduce download time.

2. If internet is disconnected during files downloading, the download can be resumed later i.e no need to start all over again.


1. Download Flashget** software installer here.

2. Install it. Choose the following options during installation.

3. Upon installation, start the software, the following main screen will be shown.

3. You will also see an icon in icon tray at Desktop bottom-right corner.

4. You should also see a ‘float window’ at Desktop top-right corner whose location can be easily moved around by clicking & dragging it. If it’s not shown, right click on Flashget tray icon, in the pop-up menu, point to ‘Float Window’ & select ‘Always Show’.

How to Use

1. With Flashget started, go to the page where you want to download files.

2. Click & drag on the file you want to download to ‘Float Window’.

3. This will bring up the download dialog of Flashget.

4. Choose the location where you want to save the file & click ‘Download’. Flashget main screen will show file download is in progress.

5. You can repeat step 2 to download other files.