Date Activity PIC Application Method
1 14/3-17/3 National Youth Explorer CampSubject: Breakthrough the barriers Bro Sumedha
2 15/5-15/6 Gawai Meditation Retreat 019-8582666
1。Kindly refer Remark *1 below.
3 1/6-3/6 Teacher Camp Sis LiHsien
4 4/6-7/6 Youth Dhamma Leadership & Teamwork CampSubject: Forest Truth Seekers Bro Jerry
Sis Mintra 012-9635482
5 29/7-7/8 1st Intervarsity Meditation CampSubject: Lead (yourself) an Auspicious Life*Activities: Series Dhamma Talk, Q&A and Meditation. Sis SherNi
Sis ChiaYee
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6 26/11-27/11 3rd Dhamma Leadership Camp 019-8582666
7 28/11-2/12 Meditation Retreat for Beginners 1.Kindly refer Remark *1 below.
8 28/11-2/12 3rd “Seagulls ~ Spread the wings” Children Buddhist Joy Camp  
9 2/12-4/12 BEACH Meeting (Annual Meeting)* 2nd Dec- Parents and Committees’ Fellowship  
10 5/12-13/12 Novitiate Camp 1.Kindly refer Remark *1 below.
11 5/12-5/1/17 Yearend Medication Camp 1.Kindly refer Remark *1 below.


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