The main objective of Maṅgala Garden Programme is to provide another channel for our yogis to accumulate merits and to cultivate wisdom. With compassion and loving kindness, we wish to provide a more relaxing and comfortable platform for Tusita long terms volunteers and eligible yogis who are unable to do full-day intensive meditation practices. They can perform meritorious deeds in different  ways and accumulate merit. With proper organizing of the existing land, a systematic plant growing and land reclaiming, we will not only beautify our surrounding, but also provide space for more activities.

The programme will start off by clearing off weeds and building footpaths, making way for existing fruit trees to grow stronger for better harvest in the future.

At the second stage of the programme, organic farming would be introduced. We hope that this organic farming can help create a secured and safe  habitat for all beings, at the same time encourage nearby farmers to do the same, benefiting themselves and others. Produce from the farm, a more natural and healthier food, can also be offered to and enjoyed by our Sanghas and visitors.

The third step of this programme is to set up a recreational herb garden. A part of Tusita’s land will be allocated for this plan while preserving the rest for future development.

If you have any interest in gardening, and wish to come close to Dhamma and gather merits at the same time, please do not miss out on this golden opportunity to join in the Maṅgala Gardening Programme.

We humbly and cordially invite you to join us in this programme to build a healthier organic farming environment and bring boundless benefits to all beings.

Ideal Candidate:-

  • Those who are unable to do full-day intensive meditation practices due to health conditions or old age
  • Those who are new to Buddhism or meditation practice, wish to be close to kalyāṇamittas (wise and beneficial friends who will ultimately bring us closer to the dhamma) and experience monastic life but are unable to do intensive meditation practice.
  • Those who wish to lend a helping hand to the hermitage and gather merits and paramis through their services

Manner of Conduct/How to Proceed:-

  • Making good use of the time when one is out from routine meditation schedule
  • Implementing method advised by professionals to carry out planting of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and the required maintenance work.
  • Increasing overall quality of the programme through benchmarking activities and exchange of ideas
  • Task performed and shared in a team, with the spirit of teamwork


  • Able to accumulate merits and cultivate wisdom, have better physical and mental health
  • Should Tusita Nepal or Tusita Taiwan implement similar programme, you would be eligible and have the priority to be there to provide assistance and to participate in the related idea exchanging activities.


  • Buddhist, able to observe eight  or five precepts.
  • Able to follow the monastic daily schedule, which includes morning and evening chanting and sittings, to attend Dhamma talks and guided meditation every Saturday.
  • Independent in daily needs, and would not interrupt or cause inconvenience to other practitioners.

Maṅgala Garden Programme, a wholesome plan to carve out a wholly new monastic life.

We Welcome You to Join Tusita’s Maṅgala Family

Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!

Download : Mangala Garden Programme Application Form (pdf)

Maṅgala Garden Programme Poster