Activities’ Details

1) 3rd Dhamma Leadership Camp
Date: 26.11.2016 ~ 27.11.2016 (2 days)
Venue: Tusita Hermitage, Kuching
Topic: Crisis Management
Speaker: Ven. U Maṅgala

2) Meditation Retreat
Date: 28.11.2016 ~ 01.12.2016 (4 days)
Venue: Tusita Hermitage, Kuching
Teacher: Ven. U Maṅgala + Ven. U Buddharakkhita

3) B.E.A.C.H Meeting

Date: 02.12.2016 ~ 04.12.2016 (3 days)
Venue: Union Yes Retreat & Training Resort
Topic: Borderless Dhamma Propagation Ecosystem

2016 Dhamma Leadership Camp & Annual B.E.A.C.H Meeting is now open for registration. You can join through:
1. Online registration, please click here to complete the online registration; or
2. Get the registration form at Tusita Hermitage, Kuching; or
3. Download the registration form. Please send your completed form to

Closing date: 2016/10/31

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