091212 Class 1: Introduction to Dhamma Leadership

100109 Class 2: The Real Strength of Dhamma Leadership

100109 Class 3: Work on Inner

100109 Class 4: Developing the Various Power in Dhamma Leadership

100116 Class 5: Decision Making

100116 Class 6: Vision in Decision Making

100116 Class 7: Qualities That Make a Good Leader

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100130 Exam Instruction

Test 1 in Good Time: In an established spiritual community where everything has been running smoothly and harmoniously, a new capable member has newly joined and brought up a lot of new, apparently convincing and innovative ideas for improvement in the community. As a member in the spiritual community, how would you regard the new-comer?

Answer: Test 1 in Good Time

Test 7 in Adverse Time: You feel someone’s conduct is disrupting the smooth running of the whole community. Please write out a counseling talk to him/her if you are his/her i) senior, ii) peer or iii) junior.

Answer: Test 7 in Adverse Time

Test 6 in Good Time : A new group with substantial members is planning to join your community. What do you think the leadership should consider before responding? What steps do you think the leadership should take to ensure a good final result?

Test 6 in Good Time

Test 10 in Adverse Time: A community project is suffering delays, setbacks, hardships and criticism. What should you do if you are i) the leader, ii) a Committee or iii) a member.

Answer: Test 10 in Adverse Time

100130 Brief Summary

100220 Class 8: Understand Yourself and Others

Test 2 in Good Time: Three options for consideration have come upon the table for decision. You are required to lead the decision-making group make the best decision. What are the steps you would take to ensure the best decision is arrived at by the group?

Answer: Test 2 in Good Time

Questions and Answers

Test 4 in Good Time: You have noticed a harmonious spiritual community is changing towards a wrong direction of growth. You believed it was very important for the community to notice the far-reaching implication and to correct it. However, as you brought up the matter to the community, everyone seems to be unalarmed and is complacent with the present harmony and comfort. What would you do?

Test 5 in Good Time: Everything seems to be working well in the community. Everybody is happy and contented. What do you think is crucial for the long-lasting of the good situation?

Test 8 in Good Time: A great contributor to the community has sacrificed greatly for the community. Now he is making a request to make special exception to the general rule in a community activity for his beloved ones. How would you approach the matter if you are entrusted with discretionary?

Answer: Test 4, 5 and 8 in Good Time

100220 Conclusion


100519 Leadership & Dhamma Practice

100526 Making the Cause & Effect Clear

100922 The Essentials of Good Management

101002_2 How to Absorb Capable Person


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