24/11:Sunday Large Pindapata Activity in Kuching Tusita Hermitage

Bhante Mangala led the Sangha for pindapataFor the welfare and happiness of all, Tusita Hermitage will be holding a large Pindapata event on 24th November. Venerable U Mangala will lead the community of monks and nuns (including young novice monks and young sayalays) on the Pindapata at Jalan Sin San Tu A, Taman Genesis.

This auspicious event will comprise of 80+ monks and nuns from around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Indonesia, China and Taiwan. The monks and nuns will depart Tusita One at 7:00am for Taman Genesis.

Together, let us make this a fulfilling event! See you there!

“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Impermanence of Life

Impermanence of Life~~

Life is impermanent, like a dream, like an illusion. Why grasp it and suffer for the grasping?

Life is impermanent. It comprises opportunities which are also impermanent. Let us cherish these opportunities which are so transcient, especially the opportunity of encountering True Dhamma, the opportunity of liberation from suffering.

Life is impermanent. Understanding the impermanence of life, the tests and trials of life become more bearable.

02/09: Ven. U Mangala’s Dhamma Talks + Q&A in Chinese, English and Bi-lingual release

Sorry for a long wait. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma, Ven. U Mangala ‘s Dhamma talks in Chinese, English and Bi-lingual are newly release for public download, may all be free and delight to download:

120826 以智慧做布施与其他佛法问答 (Chinese: Performing Dana with Wisdom and other Dhamma Q&A)

121029 向大自然学习 (Chinese: Learning from Nature)

130805 禅修引导 Guided Meditation (English and Chinese)

130814 上座部佛教的临终关怀与其他问答 (Chinese: Theravada Buddhist ‘s Way in Palliative Care and other Dhamma Q&A)

130818 南传佛教简介—于南北传佛教交流营的分享 (Chinese: Brief Introduction to Theravada Buddhism – A Dhamma sharing during Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist Fellowship Camp)

130831 Saturday night Dhamma Questions and Answers (English)

130901 佛法问答 (Chinese: Is it ok to speak with one’s tongue in one’s cheek? and other Dhamma Q&A)

“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect~~

Do not worry that all the right effort spent in this life will be wasted if we fail to attain liberation before death. The Law of cause and Effect is ever true. As long as we have not attained liberation, our future lives will inherit our kamma of today. The right effort we spend today will uplift our life and thus plant the seed for liberation in future.

One who truly knows how to love oneself will abstain from causes of suffering and cultivate good causes.

Since we know all arising and perishing compounded phenomena have their cause and effect relationship, we should place effort on what good causes that we can cultivate. We can thus change our future by the present cause factor that we are cultivating.

Year 2013 Schedule of Meditation Retreat in Tusita Hermitage, Kuching

Retreat period                          Meditation Teacher
1 Jan – 14 Feb                         Sayadaw U Kancana (Burmese)
26 May – 23 Jun                      Bhante Buddharakkhita (Malaysian)
17 Nov – 31 Dec                      Bhante Mangala (Malaysian)