2014 Tusita Kathina Day

2014 Tusita Kathina Day

All are welcome to join us. See you there!

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04/06: Dhamma Talks by The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw release for download

The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw conducted Question and Answer sessions at a TTBC, Taiwan 2012 Retreat. All are welcome to download these Dhamma Talks and share the benefit of the sublime True Dhamma.

120710 Q&A

120712 Q&A

120714 Q&A

120716 Q&A

120718 Q&A

120719 Q&A

120720 Q&A

120721 Q&A

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Introducing “Mangala Garden Programme”

The main objective of Mangala Garden Programme is to provide another channel for our yogis to accumulate merits and to cultivate wisdom. With compassion and loving kindness, we wish to provide a more relaxing and comfortable platform for Tusita long terms volunteers and eligible yogis who are unable to do full-day intensive meditation practices. They can perform meritorious deeds in different  ways and accumulate merit. With proper organizing of the existing land, a systematic plant growing and land reclaiming, we will not only beautify our surrounding, but also provide space for more activities.

If you have any interest in gardening, and wish to come close to Dhamma and gather merits at the same time, please do not miss out on this golden opportunity to join in the Mangala Garden Programme.

For more details, please visit this page.

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Year 2014 Wesak Day Series Celebrations Programme

In conjunction with Mother’s Day and Pre Wesak Day, we cordially invite you to Tusita Hermitage for a Pindapata and Family Day event on May 11 (Sunday). You and your family are most welcome to come to offer alms to the whole Sangha and Sayalay community at Tusita as well as visit Tusita’s various sites and exhibition booths on that day. There will also be a blood donation drive and free Chinese physician consultation on that day.

In adddition to that, on Wesak Day itself (May 13, Tuesday), we will also have puja, lamp lighting offerings, Buddha bathing ceremony and dhamma talk on that day. Bhante Buddharakkhita and 9 Bhantes and 15 Sayalays will be attending the Wesak Day Celebration. There will be dana (contribution) through lamp lighting, for any individual/personal contribution (RM20 each), family contribution (RM50 each) and free will contribution (Any Amount).

On this auspicious day, you have also the opportunity to contribute to our land and building fund. Tusita owns 11 acres of land currently. All are contributed by our passionate devotees. The current facilities are inclusive of meditation halls, Sangha’s kutis, Children and Youth Activity Centre and Canteen.  With sufficient fund in the future, Tusita shall expand our development plan to include old folk home, home for the disabled and a multipurpose hall.   Contribution to this land development is meritorious deed as it will provide our Sangha and meditators with a peaceful and conducive environment, a place for them to practice meditation and to realize nibbana.

If you are interested to contribute any of the above mentioned, please kindly channel your donations to the following bank:

Name of Bank : Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Beneficiary       : Persatuan Dhamma Malaysia

Account No     : 017-0018-3673

Bank Address  : No: 42, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.

Bank’s Swift Code: HLBBMYKL

*Please notify us at tusita.treasury@gmail.com and attach your bank in slip attention to Sister Ling and Sister Siew Fang.  We rejoice in your generosity!

Please refer to the full programme and pindapata routes below.  Please bring your friends and family members. We hope to see all of you there on these two auspicious days’ celebrations.

May the merits of performing these meritorious deeds through supporting the Buddha Sasana be a good condition for the attainment of Nibbana.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

10211-1 Tusita Pindapata Flyer Blue NEW 10211-1 Tusita Pindapata Flyer Blue NEW2

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Total Mangala Family Review

As a follow up to the Total Mangala Family Workshop that was held at Tusita Hermitage on 8&9 March 2014, a short review session by Bhante Buddharakkhita will be held this Saturday 19th Apr at 8.30pm after the Dhamma talk at Tusita 2, on the application of the plan. For those who have missed out on this event, here’s a brief recapture of it.

Tusita initiated this pilot project of Total Mangala family plan because we hope everyone who comes in contact with the Dhamma can learn how to apply them in their daily life especially among their family members.

As the old saying, when you invite ‘Harmony’ in, ‘Success, Health and Wealth’ will follow suit.. In order to create a happy and harmonious family, certain factors need to be in place.

The word “Mangala” means “Blessings”.

A Total Mangala Family means a family that comprises mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual encouragement among family members. These include saying beneficial speech, embracing each other’s weakness and bringing out the best in one another, just to mention a few. A happy and harmonious family is a family who can grow and learn together. In order to put these into practice, we have also prepared a scorecard for family members to access one another. This will help them to improve as well as to create a better understanding and communication between parent and children.

A sample of the scorecard is as follows:

Bhante Buddarakkhita during his Total Mangala Family Talk

During the event, we had also invited Bro Chew and Sister Angie from KL to come share with us their secrets of raising their kids. We realized that this couple actually incorporates a lot of these factors into their family. We are most grateful for their sharing. Their full sharing could be found here: link

          Bro Chew and Sister Angie

During the afternoon session, we had a very lively and meaningful open discussion with the children and their parents. The session was full of laughter and insight and also revealed some of the inner thoughts of some children and parents.


We hope you will come and join us this Saturday night. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Below are the full set of the Total Mangala family notes for all of you to download.

全面吉祥家庭_amended _.pdf (Chi)
Mangala Family_Translation_07.03.14.pdf
Mangala Family Score Card CH b.pdf (Chi)
Mangala Family Score Card ENG b.pdf
How we raise Children-v2.pdf (Eng & Chi)

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‘‘The Inspiration of Dhamma’’——The Harmony Within

The Harmony Within~~

The harmony among people begins with harmony within oneself.
Let us first cultivate harmony within.

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Tusita Hermitage Chinese New Year Ceremony on 31.01.2014

Come and join us at Tusita Hermitage, Kuching on the first day of Chinese New Year (CNY).

Let us welcome the CNY together in a peaceful and wholesome way.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Time Programme
06:30am Breakfast offering @ Tusita 1
08:00am Inviting & arriving of Sanghas & Sayalays, devotees into hall by MDS President @ Tusita 2
08:30am Offering to the Buddha Ceremony @ Tusita 2
09:00am Candles lighting ceremony leads by Bhante Mangala (chanting of Buddhanussati) @ Tusita 2
09:45am Dhamma Talk by Bhante Mangala @ Tusita 2
10:55am Taking of Five Precepts with Chanting & Blessing @ Tusita 2
11:05am Lunch @ Tusita 2
1:00pm Life Release with Chanting & Blessing @ Tusita 2;

Ending of programme

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Year 2014 Schedule of Meditation Retreat in Tusita Hermitage, Kuching

Gawai Meditation Retreat*

Retreat period                                           Meditation Teacher

Batch 1  ~   31 May – 15 Jun                      Bhante Buddharakkhita

Batch 2  ~   31 May – 29 Jun                      Bhante Buddharakkhita

Closing date for retreat application:       30 April 2014


1.  All yogis are required to attend full duration of either Batch 1 or Batch 2 or at least 8 days of the retreat period.

2.  All yogis are to check-in on the first day and check-out on the last day of the retreat period.  If you can only attend 8 days of retreat, you are kindly requested to check-in on Saturday and check-out on the next Saturday of the above retreat period.

3.  Please strictly abide by the stipulated deadline.  Late submission of application will not be entertained.

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