“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Power of 3 Refuges

power of 3 refuges
Taking 3 refuges, we unfold our potentials.

Taking refuge in the Buddha, we break through cowardice and limitation in our mind and come to trust the limitless possibility of growth and transformation.

Taking refuge in the Dhamma~~
We firmly abide by the natural laws made known by the Buddha and thus plant right causes for the materialization of our goal.

Taking refuge in the Saṅgha, we firmly allow those saintly disciples of the Buddha who faithfully abide by the Buddha’s Teachings guide us towards the supreme goal of cessation of suffering.

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“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Repentence and Asking for Forgiveness

Repentence and Asking for Forgiveness~~

Who can make no mistake in life?
Bravely repent, admit mistake and ask for forgiveness.
Start afresh. Give ourselves a fresh chance to try again.

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“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Forgiveness


Who does not make mistake in life?
Let us forgive.
Forgiving others not only relieves others, it also relieves us from psychological burden.

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“The Inspiration of Dhamma” – Cherish with Detachment

Cherish with Detachment~~

Attachment always rolls in a cause of suffering to good things in life. Let us learn to cherish without attachment, with detachment.

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2015 Tusita Wesak Day

Wesak day commemoration

Wesak Day to commemorate Buddha

Press statement by Malaysia Dhamma Society

Wesak Day commemorates three main events – Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and Nibbāna. Each year, devotes would be putting their palms together to celebrate Wesak Day. The Malaysia Dhamma Society would be organising series of activities in conjunction with Wesak Day.

Devotees are welcome to join activities held in conjunction with Wesak Day at Tusita Hermitage, Batu Kawa, Matang, Kuching.

2 May

2pm – 4pm Blood donation driver

6.30pm to 9pm – guided meditation, chanting and lighting of candles, bilingual Dhamma talk “Unsurpassed Gem”.

3 May

8.30am to 1.30pm – chanting and lighting of candles, Dhamma talk, bathing of Buddha, lunch dāna, releasing of lives and others. A bilingual Dhamma talk on “Power of Faith”. Prior to lunch devotees would be distributed rice to serve monks.

The public is welcome to join various activities organised for the day.

Tusita Hermitage under the Malaysia Dhamma society is located at Sin San Tu A Road, Batu Kawa Matang Road, Kuching. It is an external venue meant for monks and devotees. Tusita Hermitage comprises meditation halls, an activity centre, organic farm, herbal garden and a training centre for senior citizens.

Meditation, Dhamma talk, question and answer session is held at 6.30pm every Saturday for the public.

On every Sunday, monks would be taking turn to visit wet markets at Kenyalang, Stutong, 3rd mile, 7th mile and 10th mile for piṇḍapāta (collecting alms food). Dhamma talk, prayers to Buddha and other activities are held from 9.20am to noon. English tuition classes for primary and secondary school students are held on Sunday, including Buddhism classes for teenagers and children.

For details please visit http://tusitainternational.net or www.facebook.com/Tusita.Hermitage, email:jongjyi@gmail.com, mobile:019-8582666 (Malaysia Dhamma Society), 012-8883535 (Mr Lim).

Tusita Foundation

The Malaysia Dhamma Society decided to establish Tusita Foundation on 23 Nov 2014. Tusita Foundation is included to expand existing facilities in Tusita village with the size of 80 acres of land. The village covers four regions: handicapped centre, senior citizens zone, care and treatment zone, children and young people zone. For more details please call 011-31863282 or email tusitafoundation@gmail.com. Facebook account is Tusita Foundation.

Sīmā Hall of Tusita Hermitage
Photo 1 Tusita Hermitage, a place far away from the hustle and bustle of city. It is an ideal retreat for both monks and devotees to discover Buddhism.



Tusita Village
Photo 2 Tusita Foundation is set up to develop Tusita village with the size of 80 acres of land. The village has four zones – handicapped centre, senior citizens, care and treatment, children and young people.



Group meditation in Sīmā Hall
Photo 3 Practicing meditation



Saṅgha lighting candles

Ven. U Maṅgala's father offering the lotus candle

Devotees lighting candles

kids lighting candls
Photo 4 Lighting of lotus-shaped candles.



Public listening to Dhamma talk
Photo 5 Listening to Dhamma talk.

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Great Borderless Love


In the past 4 years, under the leadership of Bhante Maṅgala, Tusita/Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS) has contributed numerous social beneficial projects in Dhampus, Nepal.

Tusita Nepal

Among them are :-


Concrete Bridge

we helped to solve inaccessibility problem permanently during a lengthy 3 months raining season.

Bridge Building

Built and repaired roads

with limited resources, villagers are only able to provide immediate short term countermeasures to land erosion and road damages. These countermeasures are wasting effort and resources. Thus, every year we will select a section of the road that needs to be repaired, consolidated and provide other long term solutions.

Tusita Dhampus Road Condition


there are 2 micro- sized primary schools in Dhampus. These schools are where the local children seek education. They are our “adopted” schools.

Tusita Charity

Nepal Monastery

our gradual and steady constructions over the years have been providing 4 to 5 permanent job opportunities to the villagers. Else, they have to work in foreign countries where they have to be separated from their beloved family.

Tusita Nepal Development

Each year, Tusita has a few events which involve candle lighting. Those who participate, not only are directly involved in supporting local monastics’ practice and local social beneficial activities, but also indirectly supporting in the above mentioned projects.


Herein, we would like to express our deepest appreciation towards your selfless contributions. We cherish and rejoice your good deeds where it brings joy and great love to the people in Nepal. With these meritorious deeds, we wish that your Nobel aspirations be fulfilled.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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2015 Tusita Hermitage Wesak Day Program

Tusita Hermitage 2015 Wesak Day Program


Tusita Hermitage Map

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Year 2015 Gawai Retreat – Tusita Hermitage, Malaysia


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