Year 2015 Gawai Retreat – Tusita Hermitage, Malaysia


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Meditation Retreat in TUSITA Nepal

TUSITA Nepal retreat

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Meditation retreat in TUSITA NEPAL

TUSITA Nepal retreat

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2014 Ven. U Mangala Northern Malaysia tour 13 Nov – 18 Nov

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2014 Latest Dhamma Talks by The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw release for download

All are welcome to download these latest Dhamma Talks by the Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw and share the benefit of the sublime True Dhamma.

140402 Q&A

140605 Q&A

140606 Q&A

140608 The Essence of Buddha Teaching+Q&A

140612 How to Attain Nibbana+Q&A

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Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS) is pleased to inform you that the Kathina Ceremony of Tusita Hermitage (Tusita) will be held on October 12, 2014 (Sunday). We highly appreciate your participation in the ceremony. Let’s perform the wholesome and meritorious deeds together.

In the Buddhist Calendar, the Kathina ceremony is held, within one month of the end of Vassa (three month rainy season meditation retreat) for the monastic order. It is the time of the year, the laity gathers to make formal offerings of robes and requisites to support and to show their gratitude to the Sangha.

This year, there are about 30 over monastic at Tusita for Vassa. Venerable U Mangala and about 11 Bhantes and 19 Sayalays will be attending the Kathina Ceremony.

Please see below the Kathina Ceremony’s events on the eve and Kathina Day:

11 October 2014 (Kathina Eve)
Time Location Programme
03:00 – 05:00pm T3 Mangala Wellness Program
06:30 – 07:30pm T2 Guided Meditation-Bhante Buddharakkhita
07:30 – 08:00pm T2 Slide Show
08:00 – 09:00pm T2 Dhamma Talk – Bhante Buddharakkhita
09:00 – 09:10pm T2 Lighting of candle surrounding Meditation Hall
09:10 – 09:15pm T2 Sharing of Merits
12 October 2014 (Kathina Day)
Time Location Programme
06:30 – 07:00am T1 Breakfast dana
08:00 – 08:10am T2 Arrival of devotees
08:10 – 08:15am T2 Arrival of Sangha & nuns
08:15 – 09:30am T2 Offering to the Buddha, Chanting, Taking 3 refuges, 8 precepts & 5 precepts
09:30 – 10:30am T2 Dhamma Talk – Bhante Mangala
10:30 – 11:00am T2 Briefing on Pindapata Flow
11:00 – 12:45pm T2 Lunch Dana
12:45 – 01:00pm T2 Video Broadcast
01:00 – 01:15pm T2 Arrival of Sangha & Nuns
Dhamma Talk- The right mindset of dana
01:15 – 01:45pm T2 Offering of Robe, 4 requisites
01:45 – 02:15pm T2 Offering of Kathina Robe
02:15 – 02:35pm T2 Life Liberation
02.35 – 02:40pm T2 Blessing and Sharing of Merits

Below is a Sutta in Samyutta Nikaya, Deva Samyutta-Devas, SN1.42, Kindada Sutta :

[Giver of What]

A certain deva of stunning beauty, illuminating the entire Jeta’s Monastery, approached the the Buddha. He paid homage to the Buddha, stood one side and asked:

[Deva:] Question [The Buddha:] Answer
A giver of what is a giver of strength? A giver of food is a giver of strength
A giver of what, a giver of beauty? A giver of clothes, a giver of beauty
A giver of what, a giver of ease? A giver of a vehicle, a giver of ease
A giver of what, a giver of vision? A giver of a lamp, a giver of vision
And who is a giver of everything?
Being asked, please explain this to me
And the one who gives a residence, is the one who is a giver of everything
But the one who teaches the Dhamma is a giver of the Deathless

Tusita Hermitage is a place in which you can plant the seeds of happiness. You are free to give not only material things such as donations, food, buildings, but also your service, time,  love, respect, knowledge, care, talent and effort. You are most welcome to offer your service, visit our web site or contact 019-8582666 for more information.

The Spirit of Giving

Six factors will be developed by the action of giving :

1) selfless heart, 2) magnanimous mind, 3) gratitude, 4) wisdom, 5) Harmony, 6) humility.

Therefore, to celebrate these beautiful virtues, the theme for our Kathina Celebration this year is “The Spirit Of Giving”. To tie up with this spirit, other than our offering Sanghati, robes and four requisites to Sangha, for the first time we will be having a mass food offering to all by providing local delicacies from various states and culture. We have Kulim Rojak, Taiping coffee, local dishes, Sri Lankan cakes and rice, Japanese Sushi, Durian ice cream and many more. Do come and join us on Kathina Day.

Items for Offering

You may contribute to any of followings that are meaningful to you:

(RM) (RM) (RM)
R1 Robe for Monk 300
R2 Robe for Nun 150
K1 4 Requisites equivalent to the value of 100 50 Free Will
K2 Land & Building Fund 5,000 1,000 Free Will
K3 General Fund 300 100 Free Will
K4 Tusita Van 300 100 Free Will
K5 New Pindapat Hall and Kitchen 300 100 Free Will
K6 Tusita Sentral 300 100 Free Will
K7 Sayang Fund 300 100 Free Will
K8 Old Folks Training Centre 300 100 Free Will
K9 Dhamma Publication Fund 300 100 Free Will
K10 Complete Set (K1 – K8) 500 100 Free Will

In addition to the robes and four requisites, you may also contribute to item with REF # K2 to K10. Please refer “Donation Item Information” below on the item for more information.

Please be informed that, donor may collect the robes and item Ref # K1 to K10 (in form of simple ‘model’) from our donation counter for offering on Kathina Day.

If you are interested to contribute any of the above items, please kindly bank in to the bank accounts as appended below, i.e.

Bank account info
Name of Bank Hong Leong Bank
Account No. 017-0018-3673
Bank’s Swift Code HLBBMYKL

Please EMAIL the bank in slip to Sister Doris (016-8849179) at or Sis.Chai Chew (019-8582666) for ease of bank reconciliation purpose.  Kindly be informed that the OFFICIAL RECEIPT will be sent to the donor upon request only.


To express our gratitude to all donors, we have prepared a simple Tusita Progress Report.  Please refer “Tusita Progress Report” below for more information.

On behalf of MDS, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to Sangha and Sayalays for their unconditionally to practice meditation, spreading dhamma in Tusita Hermitage, Kuching.

May the merits of performing this meritorious deed through supporting the Buddha Sasana be a good condition for the attainment of Nibbana.

By the speaking of the truth, may the Triple-Gem protect you and your family!

Donation Item Information

  1. Land and Building Fund Information
    This fund is meant to purchase nearby land and to build more building to accommodate more meditators. It will be used for retreat by the meditators, to learn dhamma and practice meditation.
  2. General Fund Information
    This fund is meant to support the daily and monthly expenses of the society and the monastery. They are the electric and water supply, the salary for dhamma workers, cooks, general worker and English Tuition Teachers, transportation, medication fees, monastery maintenance and etc.
  3. Tusita Van Information
    The collection of this donation will be use to purchase a van (at least to accommodate 10 people) which meant to ease our transportation arrangement. For example-: will be use to send the monastic member for alms round at the respective wet markets on every Sunday, to pick up volunteers that need transport whenever we have events and etc.
  4. New Pindapat Hall and Kitchen Information
    We planned to build a new pindapat hall and kitchen at Tusita 3 which is far from the female monastic kutis and the meditation hall. By shifting the pindapat hall and kitchen, Tusita 1 will have a better environment for the female monastic to practice meditation.
  5. Tusita Sentral Information
    Tusita Sental is a bigger building for more activities such as dhamma talk and others events. May the dhamma spread widely and more beings benefited from the dhamma.
  6. Sayang Fund Information
    This Fund is still in the initial stage of the development, one of the objective is to reduce sufferings and promote true happiness in the society, especially among those disadvantaged one by working to let them help themselves through means that unveil and develop their potentials.
  7. Old Folks Training Centre Information
    The objective of this training centre is to guide old folks towards having a rich, steady and auspicious life. The project is in the pilot run stage, 3 parents of our monastic members are staying in the training centre.  They have the opportunity to listen to the dhamma, keeping the 5 precept, dana and chanting. In future, there will be a pleasant, relaxing and healthy space for them to carry out their activities, to interact with each other and will spend their old ages with the Dhamma.
  8. Dhamma Publication Fund
    The publication fund will be used to publish or reprint dhamma books. Tusita only allow distributing dhamma books and CDs approved by the Sangha. One new book is to be publishing soon; more books will be translated in the future.  May the dhamma last long in the world.

Tusita Progress Report

Greetings from Tusita Hermitage!

It has been an exciting few years for Tusita Hermitage. There have been lots of developments in Tusita, thanks to all of your generous donations and continuous support over the years. Let’s have a brief run through here on what we have done over the years with all of your donations.

Land and Building Development

The majority of our donations are used in acquiring land surrounding our hermitage. Due to the rapid development of our surroundings by developers and the threat of urbanisation and a surge in land prices, it’s imperative for us to acquire more land to create a buffer around Tusita Hermitage to preserve the quietness, serenity and conducive environment for meditation. As this is an on-going process and we are constantly short of funds, we hope we are able to raise enough funds to secure a wider area to create a better sanctuary for the monastic member and all to practise. Below is a land map of Tusita Hermitage for your reference.

Tusita Hermitage Land Map

In addition to the general running cost of the society, the hermitage and the daily support for the Sangha and yogis, another substantial part of your donations are also used in constructing kutis for our Monastic Sanghas, Sima Hall, Multi Purpose Hall, Sayadaw kuti, pergola, longhouse, and Tusita 3 activity Centre. All these constructions are necessary to meet the increasing number of devotees, yogis and monastic monks and nuns. Please refer to the pictures below for all of our developments. For further details, you may refer to the appendix.

Community Welfare

Free English Tuition Class

In 2013, we started giving free English Tuition for the primary and secondary school students around our vicinity who are illiterate in English. We employed professional English teachers to teach them and so far the response for our primary school enrolment has been overwhelming. We hope to be able to sustain these classes and continue to provide free classes for them.

 Mangala Wellness Programme

In recent months, Mangala wellness programme team has developed a unique healthy programme which combine unblocking blockages, stretching exercise and meditation. This wellness programme is designed to unblock the blockages in our body, enhance body blood circulation, enhance mental alertness, reduce fatique and correct our spine structure. The exercise helps to maintain our physical and mental wellness and it is especially useful for meditators. It’s benefits have been attested by many of our sangha members, sayalays, yogis and devotees who have been practicing it regularly. We will conduct the first introductory class to the public on Sept 20th (class full) and another(simplified version) on Kathina Eve. Please come and join us on Kathina Eve from 3-5pm.

Dhamma Publication Team

Started from this year (2014), we have an editorial team that supports this Dhamma Publication Arm of MDS. We have published many dhamma related books and CDs in recent years and one more book is in the pipe line. Translations of Dhamma books are also in progress and there will be more exciting news rolling out from our team to benefit those who are non bilingual. We also hope through this Dhamma publication, we can help spread the Dhamma far and wide to benefit more people.

Dhamma Development Team (DDT)

In January 2014, we have set up a Dhamma Development Team to train full time and part time Dhamma workers in our hermitage. The mission of the team is to share the Dhamma with various groups and communities by applying timeless methods and innovative approaches for the happiness of all beings. They will be trained and exposed in various dhamma organisation and leadership skills that is congruent to the Dhamma and Vinaya. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us.


Tusita Hermitage’s Development and progress over the years

No Developments Year
1 Bhante Kuti(s) at Tusita 2 2011
2 Multi Purpose Hall at Tusita 2 2011
3 Sayadaw Kuti at Tusita 2 2011
4 Longhouse 2011
5 Purchased of Land Lot 1033 2011
6 Tusita 2 Sima Hall 2012
7 Purchased of Land Lot 69, 1028, 657(portion) & 1031 2012
8 Purchased of Land Lot 1032, 451 2013
9 Tusita 3 Multi-Storey Activity Centre 2013
10 Pergola at Tusita 2 2013
11 Free English Tuition 2013
12 Dhamma Publication Team 2014
13 Individual Kuti for Forest Monastery 2014- in progress
14 Old folks Training Centre 2014- in progress
15 Mangala Wellness Programme 2014- in progress
16 Herbal Garden Future plan
17 New Pindapat and Kitchen at Tusita 3 Future Plan
18 Covered Basketball court Future Plan
19 Sayang Fund (for the Disabled) Future Plan
20 Tusita Sentral Future Plan
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2014 Tusita Kathina Day

2014 Tusita Kathina Day

All are welcome to join us. See you there!

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04/06: Dhamma Talks by The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw release for download

The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw conducted Question and Answer sessions at a TTBC, Taiwan 2012 Retreat. All are welcome to download these Dhamma Talks and share the benefit of the sublime True Dhamma.

120710 Q&A

120712 Q&A

120714 Q&A

120716 Q&A

120718 Q&A

120719 Q&A

120720 Q&A

120721 Q&A

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