Daily Schedule of Dhamma Earth

( Jun 2017 updated)


Time Event Venue
   6:00 am Morning Chanting         Meditation Hall
   7:00 am Breakfast Piṇḍapāta Hall
 11:30 am Lunch Piṇḍapāta Hall


Dhamma Talk

Time Venue
    8:15 pm Tuesday, Thursday Meditation Hall



Time Event Venue
  9:30 am Pūjā & Chanting Sīmā Hall
  10:00 am Guided meditation Meditation Hall
  10:30 am Dhamma talk Meditation Hall
  11:30 pm Lunch dāna Piṇḍapāta Hall


Interview (Personal meditation instruction)

Time   Venue
After lunch Tue, Thurs, Sat Male Interview Room
Mon, Wed, Fri Female

2017 Dhamma Earth activities
Remark: Tusita Dhamma Earth is open for public to meditate whole year round. Kindly register online at http://tusitainternational.net/retreat-2/forms/.
How to come to Dhamma Earth: http://tusitainternational.net/dhammaearth-eng/dhamma-earth-location-map-contact/
Sis. Shiang Fang +6016-208 3339
Bro. Kang Chung +6017-884 6991
Email: dhammaearthclub@gmail.com