”Liberate suffering and shower true welfare”

Tusita Foundation

On July 26, 2014, Tusita Youth group organized a visit to Cheshire Home, a Catholic-nun-led physically challenged home. The experience touched the heartstrings of Venerable Maṅgala, making him recall a long embedded vow not to forget the needy should the opportunity to help arise. Thus is Tusita Foundation born- a project to bring warmth and sunshine into the hearts of the despondent, the disadvantaged and their surrounding community.

Tusita Foundation booklet cover

 Tusita Foundation

Malaysia Dhamma Society initiates the establishment of Tusita Foundation. This foundation is conceived in the hopes of

  • helping the despondent come to peaceful acceptance of their situation and find the silver lining in every moment of their life,
  • helping the disadvantaged help themselves and inspire others, and equally important,
  • nurturing a caring society starting from its volunteers.

Malaysia Dhamma Society

Malaysia Dhamma Society currently oversees Tusita Hermitage, a Buddhist Theravadian meditation centre established in July 2008. Malaysia Dhamma Society started in 1997 as Kuching Bhagavan Buddhist Society (KBBS). The congregation now has more than thirty monks and nuns while visiting meditators number twenty to fifty on average. See Appendix B for the organization structure.

Tusita village

Tusita Foundation will be physically established as Tusita village. Besides buildings to house and train the disadvantaged, we hope the village will eventually contain sports and recreational facilities open for public use and able to support aspiring Paralympics athletes.




We want to see

  1. Disadvantaged people and volunteers inspire and lead others by their examples, accomplishment and works, presenting the possibilities in life;
  2. the disadvantaged help others in the same predicament and make contributions to the society at large;
  3. The despondent find solace in a peaceful sanctuary.
  4. Stakeholders* coexist with patience and joy in a harmonious, respectful environment.
  5. A team of compassionate volunteers steep in spiritual qualities/the Dhamma


We work to achieve this vision by making it our mission to

  1. Discover and develop the potential of the disadvantaged.
  2. Equip the disadvantaged with customized resources that can help increase their competency in providing services to all stakeholders.
  3. Equip the despondent with emotional support to manage their sense of helplessness.
  4. Provide a peaceful living environment where occupants and visitors conduct themselves, at a minimum, according to the principles of non-killing, non-stealing, celibacy, truthfulness and non-substance abuse while in residency.
  5. Inculcate the virtues of kind-heartedness, sincerity, compassion and selflessness in volunteers while serving.


We are committed to

  1. Social harmony – through manifestation of the noble qualities of love and compassion which transcend the superficial differences of ethnic, religion and fortune. We will help the disadvantaged and despondent regardless of these differences.
  2. Conquer human weaknesses and rekindle faith in human goodness – through the promotion of selfless love, true generosity and humanity. We will overcome selfishness and cruelty by giving everyone a chance to sincerely serve others.
  3. Environment preservation- to incur minimal environmental impact when undertaking area development

*Stakeholders: The physically challenged, the aged, near-death patients and their family members, the supporting community (volunteers and welfare service workers), organization partners and the surrounding local community are considered stakeholders of the project.


This project will be executed in chapters.

  • Chapter 1 involves the setup of a development centre for the physically challenged. We will start from a small group with minor disabilities to be expanded to integrate those more severely debilitated.
  • Chapter 2 will cater to the sick with a death-bed hospice providing care for the most severely sick patients and helping them emotionally through to their very last moments.
  • Chapter 3 is aimed at expanding the current capacity to accommodate the aged.
  • Chapter 4 will focus on at-risk youths and orphans.


Establishment of the Tusita Foundation under the initiative of Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS)

MDS support towards Tusita Foundation is expected to be approved by the MDS Extraordinary General Meeting on 23 November 2014 and will be submitted to the Registrar of Company for approval.

The Tusita Foundation Board of Directors and organization structure is expected to be finalised by 1 January 2015.

You may also follow us on Tusita Foundation Facebook for more updates and activities.

Contact Us

You are most welcome to tell us how you would like to participate or can contribute in this project. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

Contact no +6011-3186 3282
Email tusitafoundation@gmail.com
Website www.tusitainternational.net
Facebook Tusita Foundation
Address Tusita Foundation /P.O Box 361, 93706, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

How to Donate


Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)

Account Number: 511083104017


Bank Address :D37-1, Ground Floor, Block D Yoshi Square, Jalan Pelabuhan, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.

Bank’s Swift Code:MBBEMYKL

Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

If you are an international donor, you may TT your donation as per bank detail indicated above.

For China donors

If you are from China, you may place your donation at our appointed fund raise account.

中国建设银行 (深圳市天健世纪支行)

Account Number:6217007200021403533

Account Holder Name : 杜滨滨


Cheque made payable to PERSATUAN DHAMMA MALAYSIA

If you prefer to

a) mail the cheque to us, please write your particulars ie. name, I/C, address, and contact number on the reverse-side of the cheque and mail it to our correspondence address as indicated below.

P.O Box 361, 93706, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

b) bank in the cheque by yourself, please mail/email your bank in slip to our correspondence address as indicated below.

P.O Box 361, 93706, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Pledge of Monetary Contribution

Please write up a pledge letter and submit to us for further reference.

You may contact sister Cindy for further enquiries/assistance.

Tel: +6011-3186 3282

Email: Tusitafoundation@gmail.com with header, “Tusita foundation-Pledge letter”

Note: To receive our official receipt, please notify Sis Angie via SMS (Tel:+6012-8867353 or email (tusitafoundation@gmail.com) with header  “Tusita foundation – Cash/chegue”, after you have perform the donation, kindly send us your bank in slip with information, ie: name, IC No, postal address, contact number, and donation amount for our record purpose.

Download “How to Donate” Brochure.