Pali Chanting lead by Ven.U Mangala

Tusita Hermitage Chanting Book Cover 兜率天修行林课诵本

Tusita Hermitage Chanting Book (Pali with English & Chinese Translation )**

Those who would like a copy of the “Tusita Hermitage Chanting Book” can obtain a free copy at Tusita Hermitage.  The Hermitage does not send chanting books by post.

Tusita Hermitage Pali Chanting 

——Full recitation based on Tusita Hermitage Chanting Book

Tusita Hermitage Morning Chanting 

——Every morning, all practitioners of Tusita Hermitage are compulsory participate in morning chanting. The length of these chanting session is about 50mins. In the middle of the chanting session, Ven. U Mangala will lead participants in recollection (in Chinese) on the virtues of the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha, to have great gratitude and radiate loving kindness to the Triple Gems, Teachers, Dhamma Protectors (in Deva & Naga realms) , parents, supporters etc; in contemplating Dhamma, attitude of practice, life, dependent-origination etc. There are 5 chanting combinations covering all titles in the chanting book.

Bodhivana Meditation Hermitage Morning Chanting 

——Every morning, all practitioners of Bodhivana Meditation Hermitage are compulsory participate in morning chanting & contemplation. The length of this chanting session is about 45mins. There are 7 chanting combinations covering all titles in the chanting book.

Morning Chanting for Layperson 

——Intended for busy layperson. The length of chanting session is about 15mins. Laity can choose one of the 3 chanting combinations daily which are based on 3 important Theravadian protection sutta: Maha-mangala Sutta, Ratana Sutta & Karaniya Metta Sutta respectively. Each chanting combination ends with making aspiration and sharing of merits.

Layperson Precepts 

——Ven. U Mangala gives layperson precepts. You can play the the recording  and follow Bhante’s recitation in front of Buddha statue to take precepts. Taking 3 refuges and 5 precepts are a simple yet very important and fundamental practice for a Buddhist. Laity is advised to recite taking 3 refuges & 5 precepts at the beginning of each day i.e before going to work etc. By being persistent and doing this day after day, you will notice its protective power in future not only in present life but also the lives after.


Sangha Blessing 

——New year protection and blessing chanting for lay devotees, all beings and the world by Tusita Sangha lead by Ven U Mangala on the 1st day of Chinese New Year.

Jaya-mangala Gatha 

——Jaya-mangala Gatha chanted in Sri Lanka style by Ven U Mangala during Sunday Children Dhamma Class.

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