Myanmar Pa Auk Monastery–Talks at 2006 vassa: Fire Sermon Talk

Talks at 2009 Maha Dana Day: 090208 Dhamma Q&A

Singapore Shuanglin Temple– Talks at 2007 Pa Auk Retreat:

Basic Meditation Guidance



0803 Dhamma Discussion

081102 PAMC Kathina Day

090704_1 Concept and Reality

091019 Live a Life Without Regret

Malaysia TGC,Petaling Jaya–

080302 Dhamma Dicussion

080622 How To Improve Dhamma in Our Life


2009 Talks at SBS Pa Auk Retreat

090328 The Power of Simplicity

090401 The Faith Toward Teacher

090401 The Faith Toward Teacher

090415 The Power of Despair

090429 The Power of Multiply

090513 Essential and Unessential

090527 Clear Comprehension of Purpose

090606 Conventional and Ultimate Truths

090611 Harmony in Diversity

090612 Closing Talk

“How to Change Our Fate” Talks Series


Talks at Bodhivana Hermitage:

0804 Our World-Time and Space

0804 Start Spiritual Practise Early

080504 Critical Stage of Life

080505_1 Ratthapala Sutta

080505_2 Multiply in Spiritual Path

“7 Factors of Enlightenment-in-brief” Talks Series

“Dhamma-Vinaya of the Buddha” Course Series

“Dhamma Leadership” Course Series

080701 Dhammapada Sharing

080702 Dhammapada Sharing

080711 Story of Psychic Power

081231_1 How to Cultivate Inner Potential

090723_1 Dhamma Sharing

090723_2 Mangala Sutta in brief

090808_1 Dhamma Sharing

Talks in Tusita Hermitage:

Retreat Instructions

120115 Clarification on some misunderstanding and misrepresentation

Indonesia Feb 2010 Meditation Retreat at Kayagata-sati Meditation Center, Cibodas:

100222 Cultivate The Power of Seeing

100223 Nimitta & Overcome Wondering Thought

100224_1 Renunciation & Compassion

100226_2 How We Regard Our Life

Nepal 2010 Talks at Dhampus Retreat:

100317 Basic Meditation Instruction

100322 How to Learn from Nature

100328 Realize Our Aims

100402 Inclination of Mind

100403 A Disciple’s Example

100407 How to Develop 6 Pairs of Mental Quality

100417 Why Busy

100421 Talk About Psychic Power

100429 The Big fall in Spiritual Training

100503 How to Emerge from Concentration

100507 The Misery of Cultivate Wrong Aspiration & Inclination

100510_1 Man & Woman Relationship in Spiritual Traning

100510_2 Jataka Story Sharing

100519 Leadership & Dhamma Practice

100520 Inspiration from Bodhisatta’s Lifes (1)

100521 Inspiration from Bodhisatta’s Lifes (2)

100524 Dhamma Quiz

100528 What have I done to Show Respect to the Buddha

100602 Inspiration from Suttas

100606 How to Overcome Helplessness


Talks at 2010 Kullu Vassa:

India Vassa & Meditation Retreat 2010 Photo

Himalaya Mountains, Kullu, India

In 2008, Venerable U Mangala began teaching the Dhamma and meditation at Tusita Hermitage, Kuching, Malaysia. Students from around the world came and cherished the golden opportunity to learn under this Meditation Teacher. During these past two years, the Sangha and Sayalays focused on both meditation practice and Dhamma Leadership – the higher art of living.

Venerable U Mangala spent 2010 Vassa in Chheti Village, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. Passing on teaching responsibilities to other Tusita Bhikkhus, the Venerable was able to invest more time in personal practice and deeper contemplations of leadership and direction of the Tusita spiritual communities.

In the newly uploaded India Vassa (2010) talks, the Venerable again emphasizes the importance of Dhamma Leadership, its principle factors, and the sustainable growth of spiritual communities.

100821 Wise Attention

100829_1 Dhamma Sharing

100829_2 How to Perform Merits

100908 Live Out the Simple Dhamma

100916 Understanding Mara

100919 Appreciation

100922 The Essentials of Good Management

101002_1 How to Face Vicissitudes of Life

101002_2 How to Absorb Capable Person

101008 The Highest Art of Living

101013 The Wisdom of Commonsense

101015_1 Meditation Guidance

101015_2 Harmonious

101023 Q & A

101031 Seeing Things as They Really Are

Morning Contemplation


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