Tusita Hemitage Photo 兜率天修行林照片

Tusita Hemitage

The name ‘Tusita’ conveys a positive and uplifting message: one remains heedful and zealous while experiencing happiness, appreciates his own good kamma while enjoying peace and harmony, grasps every opportunity to practice wholesome deeds, and supports others in the practice of the Dhamma.

Tusita is a deva-realm in which devas reside in peace and harmony, practising the Dhamma in a mutually supportive environment. We named our meditation hermitage in Sin San Tu the ‘Tusita Hermitage’ with the hope that its practitioners would follow the fine examples of the Tusita devas.

Practising meditation, particularly at the preliminary level, requires a stable, harmonious, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. However, we are aware that in reality beings are not perfect. Therefore, we should be considerate, accepting each others’ imperfections with loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Only through setting such common ground from the beginning that we could live the lives of Tusita devas in today’s world. To do so, we need courage, patience, sincerity, selflessness, and wisdom. Our responsibility is huge, and the challenge we faced is great.

Do not come to Tusita Hermitage with the dream to enjoy the fruition of Tusita. Instead, come here with a dedicated heart to create Tusita on earth. Work hard on the causes, instead of on pursuing the results.

Let us walk the path honestly and sincerely. May all who come to the hermitage begin their journey not seeking for a return, but with a dedicated and sincere heart. Let us practice the Dhamma heedfully in the hermitage. Let us let go of our ego, and be the light for ourselves and others.

Welcome to Tusita Hermitage. Together, let us live up to the teachings of the Triple Gems. Let us perform good deeds for ourselves and for others.

Namo Budhayo!


The Principle of Tusita Hermitage